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May 31, 2013

Bookviews - June 2013: My Picks of the Month

Bookviews by Alan Caruba

When I was growing up the music of Gary U.S. Bonds could be heard, from "New Orleans" and "School is Out" in the 1960s to "This Little Girl" in 1981 and many more hits still being played these days. He will be celebrating his 74th birthday as a published author with an autobiography, By U.S. Bonds´┐ŻThat's My Story ($30.00, Wheatley Press, L.L.C.) written with Stephen Cooper. Suffice to say his life spans the early days of R&B and rock music to the present. He was an influence on Bruce Springsteen and a member of the E Street Band, Steven Van Zandt, has written a forward to it. Bonds shares memories of traveling with B.B. King and Sam Cooke, his big break on the Dick Clark show, and a raft of stories that will entertain anyone who enjoyed his music and that of his illustrious contemporaries. Bonds did not fall prey to many of the temptations of the music industry, remaining true to his beloved wife and daughter. There are life lessons about perseverance and the support derived from friends and family.

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